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Lucero — Union Pacific Line (Live From Atlanta)

Vegan chocolate chunk cookies. 🍪🍪🍪

Had to put a sweater on a shivering puppy.

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Lucero — Tears Don’t Matter Much (Live From Atlanta) 

Lucero was so good last night!! I had lots of alcohol and met Ben, Roy, and John and they are the sweetest dudes. I also bought the Lucero Live From Atlanta record among more Lucero merch because I apparently can’t go without buying things. I am really excited about the record though because I WAS THERE. That is very special to me because I am a sentimental geek. 




Going to get falafel and see Lucero. 😍

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this is it. this is the whole show

Look what came in the mail today!!!


Whiskeytown Live @ Club Tavern Middleton, WI - Nov. 3, 1997