The ultimate dad joke compilation

Here’s my monthly I just wanna say I have a perfect fuckin boyfriend. He just randomly ordered Lucero merch and shortly after I whined about being hungry and he’s said “wanna get Chinese?”

Like I know it’s 9:30 in the morning but we work third shift okay.

He’s just wonderful. He did all of these amazing things for me for my birthday and made me feel so loved and just spoiled me like crazy.

I am just so grateful I met this beautiful human. I adore him. 😘😘😘😘


Ryan Adams and the CardinalsTabernacle • Atlanta, Ga.July 29, 2006Photo by: Eddie Jenkins

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Last night’s Ryan Adams and Butch Walker sold out show at the Chicago Theatre was truly one of the best of the year. These two excellent singer/songwriters in one of Chicago’s most beautiful venues! If they are coming anywhere near your town… GO.

J.c. spoiled me today. 👑👑👑

Ryan Adams and The Shining pentagram tour shirt.

Ryan Adams and The Shining pins.

Ryan Adams tote bag!!!

The little sabbathy jam that Ryan and The Shining went into at the end of I See Monsters was probably the best part of the show.

Ryan is on drums rn for Butch Walker and its so cute

cheeseslave Founders?! That’s what I’m drinking!!


drgrizzly idk how to reply to a reply on my phone because I’m dumb but I LOVE YOU. you are an angel.